Hammerdec Features:

Hammerdec – synthetic hammer paint Description: Completion of styrene-alkyd resin-based synthetic air-drying paint, creating a “hammer” effect on the surface. Metal surface treatment creates a decorative coating, providing mask defects. Adheres very well to clean metal and primed metal surfaces. Finishing trowel hammer paint no tusneyuschie coverage bright, shiny, form a long time. Scope: Widely used in mechanical engineering, metal office furniture and car repair industry. Used for painting panels, electrical equipment, agricultural machinery and vehicles. Dosage: The treated surfaces should be carefully removed from oil, dirt, old paint and rust sandpaper or a metal brush. Applied by spraying paint. The result is that the film’s model depends on the degree of dilution from the surface to be painted, pressure, compressor and spray gun distance. For the ideal “hammer” effect it is recommended to apply the paint under 2-3 atm from the pressure at a distance of 25-30 cm from the surface. Thoroughly before use. Ready to use paint. Does not require dilution. . If necessary, dilute a small amount of solvent: Drying time Dust 15-20 minutes. 20-30 minutes to touch. Last Drying 1-2 hours Scope: applying a single layer and 30-35 micron dry film thickness. A liter of paint can cover 10-12 sq.m. surface (excluding damages).