Mineral Plaster STONE

Project Description

Definition : Composition decorative –protective coating mineral for outward and internal works on the basis of acrylic copolymer in water emulsion and uncoloured granite –marble granulate.Produced in two grain-size calibrated forms: coarse and fine .

Description: natural colors without dye additives. High mechanical strength and longevity. Provides moisture heat and sound isolation.Resistant to climatic factors and treatment alkaline materials. Does not contain radiation, ecologically clean product.Gives a decorative look to a surface and protects it for long years.Application fields: It is easily applied to the exterior surfaces (facades) of buildings, hotels, etc., and the interior surfaces of office buildings, public buildings and residences (corridors, halls, stairwells), thin plaster concrete, wood, plasterboard and similar surfaces.Surface preparation: The dirt, oil and foreign materials on the floor should be thoroughly cleaned, the old paints swelled and loosened paints on the surfaces should be scraped. It is recommended to fill the cracks and grooves when necessary, and smooth the surface by sanding. After a dry, clean and flat surface is obtained, a primer should be applied on it. The ‘Stone’ application should be started at least 24 hours after the primer application.Prime coating: it is recommended to apply the ‘Decomin Quarz Grundierung’  as prime coating.Application: After the package is opened, the product inside is poured into a large container and mixed thoroughly. In hot weather, 1-1.5 -1 water is added. It is applied with a stainless steel trowel as smooth and as thin as possible. then the surface is polished.Recommendation : Application should not be made in rainy and rainy weather conditions and at temperatures lower than +5 °C. The applied surface should not be left unfinished, it should be completed.Consumption: Coarse granular product -5 kg/m2. For fine granular product -3kg/m2

Drying: Full polymerization of the material is completed after 24-48 hours at temperatures higher than +5 °C.

Storage : +5 °C – +35 °C It is 2 years from production, provided that it is stored in tightly closed packaging at temperatures.

Packaging: 3,5 kg, 14 kg, 25 kg

Net weight .25+1 % kg

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