Project Description

Pearlescent  Decorative Paint

Description:That a shiny pearlescent decorative paint for interior painting made of special acrylic resins ,having the consistence of paint and may change its colour according to the angle you look at it.

Application Fields :

  • It is used with appropriate primer after surface preparation on walls, plaster, exposed concrete and wooden surfaces inside the buildings.

Features: Creates different effects under light or shadow. Creates shiny effects due to the mother or pearl it concicts.

• Highly cleanable.

• Can breath under steamy conditions and allows dispose of vapour by high vapour permeability.

Does not smell ,nor causes any harm to human health environment,as it is water –based.

 Application instruction: After cleaning all kinds of dirt, oil, swollen paints and dust on the application surfaces, if there are any defects on the surface, they should be corrected with DECOMIN AKRYLIK MACUN (DECOMİN ACRYLIK PUTTY) and primed with DECOMIN UNIPRİMER

• Before the application, DECOMIN MULTIBASE is thinned with a maximum of 10-15% clean water and applied in 2 coats with a brush or roller. Wait for a minimum of 4 hours between coats.

After the complete drying of ARIANTO, DECOMIN MULTIBASE application, it is applied homogeneously to the surface in the selected color with a roller or flat brush in the hide and the desired image is created immediately afterwards.• During the application and within 24 hours after the application, the application surface and the environment should not be below +5 C.

• Hand tools used in the application should be cleaned after the application.CONSUMPTION: 0,100-0,150 it/m2 on average in one coat depending on surface smoothness and application techniques


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