Project Description

DECOMIN Decoset Insulation Material has superior characteristics than of existing ones used for water insulation ; when it is dry ,it is applied to water proof ground easily ,solves the problems related to water insulation ; it is long life ,white colored , liquid membrane water insulation material.

Application Field:

  • Can be used for any concrete, plastering, bricks, chinaware, briquettes, gas concrete, corrugated and non-corrugated asbestos roofing boards, woodworks and terraces and at any vertical or horizontal surfaces on the constructions and places such as window casings, drip mouldings, pools, cisterns, reservoirs, canals, etc

Application Instruction:• The application surfaces should be cleared off from  all kinds of dirt, oil, swollen paints on the surfaces to be applied should be cleaned and if there are any defects on the surface, they should be corrected.• Sudur application should be performed in three coats.• The first layer of primer is diluted with approximately 50% water and applied to the surface. The second layer is applied to the surface with 25% water and the third layer is applied to the surface without thinning. Waiting time between layers is 4-6 hours.• During the application and within 24 hours after the application, the application surface and the environment should not be below +5 °C.• No application is to be performed under direct sunlight or in rainy weather.• Please clean the tools you used after the application with water.

Project Type