Project Description


It is a natural concrete-looking, water-repellent and water-resistant concrete-patterned paint.

It is applied after the primer application on smooth surfaces, the parts with spilled coating on the old surface and problematic coatings are removed and the facade is thoroughly cleaned. After the other technical problems on the surface, if any, are solved, the primer is thrown and applied.

6 hours after the primer application, one coat is applied to the surface with a steel trowel and allowed to dry completely. After the second layer is thickly applied to the surface, the application is made according to the nail trowel or the desired pattern. Then the pattern is given with a trowel.

• It should be mixed well before use.
• It should be protected and applied at temperatures of +5 degrees and above.
• Shelf life is 2 years
• Coverage 1-1.5m2 / kg depending on the surface

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