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Structural acrylic decorative coating with medium grain marble filler, recommended for the protection and decoration of pre-prepared surfaces on building facades, as well as for interior work. FEATUREEnvironment friendly, fire and explosion safety, durability, resistance to water vapor permeability, high mechanical strength, ease of application; unique decorative effect; coloring . APPLICATIONIt is applied on a dry, solid, clean surface. Deep penetrating primer ‘Decomin Primer’ to strengthen brittle crumbling surfaces. ‘Decomin QUARTS Primer’ ‘Quartz Primer’ should be used to make a quality floor. Quartz particles are safer with substrate material when stretched It creates a bond. Thus, there is no slippage in the application. TRAVERTINO is applied as a layer with a thickness of approximately 1.5-2 mm. After trowel application, a pattern is created by drawing with a roller brush. Cover with a sponge, brush or roller. In application, remove the excess with a spatula, covering only the grooves to be painted. After drying, the coating takes its highest strength after 7 days. Drying at + 20 ° C 6-8 Hours and humidity 65%. ConsumptionPlaster .,5 -2.0 kg /m2 ;Storage It is stored in a closed container at a temperature not lower than +5 ° C. Warranty period12 months from date of manufacture Packaging20 kg.

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