Universal Wax

Project Description

DEFINITION: It is a restorative, brightening and protective varnish for decorative paints.

SCOPE OF APPLICATION: It can be applied on wooden and metal surfaces in decorative paint applications.
FEATURES: It increases the resistance of the applied surface against external effects, creates a protective layer against pollution and moisture.
It provides a decorative and bright appearance.
It penetrates the applied surface, repairs the scratches and abrasions, and prevents cracking.

– The application surface must be clean and free of dust.
– The product is spread well on the desired surface with the help of a clean cloth or steel trowel. It is then polished with a woolen/velvet cloth or a polishing machine.
– Care should be taken to ensure that the ambient temperature is between +5°C and +35°C for 24 hours from the beginning of the application and the surface should be protected from external factors.

Application Tools: Velvet cloth, steel trowel,

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