Project Description

Description and application: Silicone emulsion-based, latex matte paint for interior and exterior. It is designed for all kinds of painting of concrete, plaster, mineral-based surfaces and surfaces painted with silicone paint.

Key Features: diluted with water vapor permeable, environmentally friendly, resistant to environmental hazards, well-washable, resistant to alkali and UV-resistant, fast-drying, water-repellent, It is an odorless paint.

Surface Preparation: The surface should be clean, dry and free of dirty materials. Before the application, new and old painted surfaces should be primed.

Directions for use: Apply in two coats. The second coat of paint is applied at least 12 hours after the first application. If necessary, the paint is diluted with water at a rate of 10% by volume. The surface and material temperature should be at least +5 °C to +30 °C. Application It should be with a brush, roller or spray. Application in direct sunlight is not recommended. After the application is completed, wash the materials with water. Drying time takes 1-2 hours at 65% humidity and 20 °C. Full drying takes place after 24 hours.

Consumption: 20 kg bucket, can be painted up to 150 m2 in one coat on the primed surface.

Shelf life is 2 years in closed containers and at 5 °C.

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