Premium Paint

Project Description


Key Features: Silk, acrylic latex paint based on acrylic copolymer for household work. High quality paint is used for walls and interior ceilings. Wipe clean, contains no solvents, is well absorbed and has high color stability, environmentally safe, has a slight odor. All concrete Designed for use on plaster, mineral-based surfaces, as well as previously painted surfaces and wallpaper.

Directions for use: If necessary, before applying the first coat, it is diluted with water to reach the desired consistency. It is applied as two coats with paint, brush, roller or spray. The application time interval of the first coat and the next coat is 1 hour later. Minimum temperature of the material and the surface. temperature should be +5 °C. Tools should be washed with water immediately after the application.
Drying time: (at +20 °C 65% humidity) Surface drying 20 minutes after application, full drying – 24 hours later Consumption: 7.5 kg bucket, can paint up to 75 m2 in one coat on the primed surface. At 5 °C, in closed containers, shelf life is 2 years

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