CMC Insulation Plaster

Project Description

CMC INSULATION PLASTER is an extremely durable plaster against external weather conditions.

CMC INSULATION PLASTER, which is ready to use, can be applied on jamb products and facade coatings as plastering with a compressor (spraying with an air gun) or jamb coating machine. It should not be forgotten that it is the CMC INSULATION PLASTER on the top that makes the new generation sheathing systems and the jamb perfect.

It provides excellent adherence to thermal insulation boards.

It has excellent adhesion and stretching ability.

It adheres very well to many surfaces such as EPS, XPS, wood, concrete, plaster.

Does not crack.

It is impact resistant.

It is permeable to water vapor. It is important for human health that it breathes in terms of building physics. Since it breathes, it does not swell, bump or spill.

Easy to mix, ready to use.


● It is water resistant.

● Mixes easily.

● It creates a smooth surface in casting due to its fine grain structure.

● Facade installation is easy.

● It creates an aesthetic appearance in buildings.

● It does not slip due to its high adherence feature.

● It creates a fast drying process due to the presence of desiccants in the emulsion mixture that accelerate drying.

● It can be applied to the surface with either an air gun or a jamb coating machine.

● With its high water vapor permeability, it allows the buildings to breathe by expelling the water vapor unhindered.

● It is alkali resistant.

● It is not affected by heavy weather conditions such as UV, extreme cold or heat, rain, snow, humidity. It does not blister, crack, and its colors do not fade.

● Standard white color or colored mortar can be applied.

● Since it does not contain solvents, it does not smell and does not harm human and environmental health. APPLICATION INFORMATION:

● Application Temperature: 0 °C / +40 °C

● Since Ekip Jamb Mortar contains all the necessary chemicals and minerals at high rates, there is no need to add any chemicals into Ekip Jamb Mortar. Ekip Jamb Mortar is mixed well before application and applied to the surface to be applied with a steel trowel or a drawing plaster machine.

● Drying Time: Surface drying approximately 24 hours, (at 23 °C and 50% RH)

● Full drying 48 hours (at 23 °C and 50% RH)

● Lower temperature and higher relative humidity extend the drying time.

● Consumption: Average 4-5 kg./m2 depending on the roughness of the surface.

● Application thickness on Coating Plates and Jamb Profiles: 2.5 – 3 mm

● Application Tools: Jamb coating machine or steel trowel

● It should not be applied on molten, frozen or hot surfaces.

● Not applicable on unstable and low resistance surfaces.Should not be applied under the sun

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