Insulating Paints

  • CMC Insulation Plaster

    CMC INSULATION PLASTER is an extremely durable plaster against external weather conditions. CMC INSULATION PLASTER, which is ready to use, can be applied on jamb products and facade coatings as plastering with a compressor (spraying…

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  • Izodec

    DECOMİN İZODEC Decomin Izodec is a high-strength insulation paint that provides insulation against humidity  and moisture in the areas where it is applied, waterproof , fire and high temperature resistant, washable interior and exterior paint.…

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  • Decoset

    DECOMIN Decoset Insulation Material has superior characteristics than of existing ones used for water insulation ; when it is dry ,it is applied to water proof ground easily ,solves the problems related to water insulation…

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